ESP8266 + nRF24L01 MiLight gateway PCB sandwich

The MiLight gateway is a simple PCB to be used with the open-source milight gateway software by Chris Mullins.

Long time ago I’ve bought some of these MiLight RGB LED bulbs to control them with a raspberry pi and the openmilight project (see link at bottom).
That did not work very well so I was looking for a better solution – and found it right there:

In addition to this software project I created this PCB with minimal components, as I wanted to install it as permanent solution.
This is the very first PCB I created using KiCad after migrating from Cadsoft(now Autodesk) Eagle.

DIY kits to build your own minified standalone MiLight Gateway will be available in my shop soon!

Part list:

  • ESP12E/ESP12S
  • nRF24L01+ module
  • AMS1117-3.3V
  • SMD Mini-USB port or 2x male pin headers
  • 2x 10µF 0805 capacitor
  • 2x4pin female pin header
  • optional: 1x5pin male/female pin header

Assembly Instructions

  1. Solder the ESP12S module
    You can use some double-sided tape to hold it in place while soldering.
  2. Solder SMD components
    These are only an AMS1117 power regulator and two capacitors. The Micro-USB connector can also be added at this step.
  3. Mount pin headers
    The 2×4 female pin headers are used to connect the nRF2401 which controls the MiLight bulbs.
    The 1×5 and 1×2 pin headers are optional and serve for power supply and/or programming the ESP8266.
  4. Attach the nRF2401 and power it up
    Use a 5V voltage source or an USB port.

On first boot it will create an insecure wifi access point called “ESP-xxxxxx”.
Connect and navigate to Now follow the setup wizard.


ESP12F and pin headers for serial / nRF2401 / power supply


voltage regulator & micro usb (power supply only)


Chris Mullins blog post:

OpenMili hackday project:


PCB design files:

Shared project on OSHPark: Order from OSH Park

5 thoughts on “ESP8266 + nRF24L01 MiLight gateway PCB sandwich

  1. Are these available pre built with software already flashed please ? Ship to UK ?

    1. Sorry, it is not available yet.

      But you can build your own using the supplied open-source schematics and PCB layout.

  2. Me too waiting for update of this project since I’m very interested in

    1. Hi Elenio,

      The PCB available as an development kit – preflashed with the NodeMCU firmware, but it’not become a finished device, so you still have to program it with Chris’s firmware and add an nRF2401 module to build this project.

      1. Thank you

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