Relaunch 2020 electronics is becoming leetronics UG (haftungsbeschränkt) We’re closed for internal reorganization since 30.12.2019! Re-opening in March 2020! under a new company name: “leetronics UG (haftungsbeschränkt)” If you are interested in one of our previously sold products, please be patient. Or check their respective sites for availability: SoloKeys FIDO2 and U2F security keys Pre-order at […]

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Now live: free Entropy Service at

A free entropy service utilizing the Infinite Noise TRNG is now live on ! Using this service, anyone can explore, test and use the Infinite Noise TRNG for free – without having to buy the actual hardware. You can register using the form on – or this iframe. No personal data required. You’ll receive […]

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ESP8266 + nRF24L01 MiLight gateway PCB sandwich

The MiLight gateway is a simple PCB to be used with the open-source milight gateway software by Chris Mullins. Long time ago I’ve bought some of these MiLight RGB LED bulbs to control them with a raspberry pi and the openmilight project (see link at bottom). That did not work very well so I was […]

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MIDI Biodata Sonification Device – Settings menu for the MIDI Sprout

The MIDI Biodata sonification device (also known as MIDI Sprout, by DataGarden) is a great device to make music using plants.

Here I describe how to apply the firmware of the very similar Biodata Sonification Arduino shield to a “classic” MIDI Sprout. This includes adding a button to gain access to a settings menu which allows to adjust MIDI-Channel, LED brightness, note scale and finally the good old threshold.

Sam Cusumano, creator of the MIDI Sprout gave me the idea (or challenge?) to do this:

“And if you REALLY wanna get funky, you can add a button to A1/gnd and use my new codebase which allows users to edit MIDI channel, scale, led  brightness, threshold through a ‘menu system’ using the leds and the knob. check it out on my github which is an ‘arduino shield’ but should work with the main biodata board with perhaps a few code tweaks.”

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GNU/Linux packages for the Infinite Noise TRNG

The Infinite Noise TRNG is an open source random number generator. Check the GitHub repository from Bill Cox (waywardgeek) for detailed documentation of the hardware design.

My contributions to the software side of this project are of course included in these builds.
This means, systemd- and udev rules are included for automatic start of the driver when connecting the device. Also its now possible to connect multiple devices to one computer (mainly for testing purposes).

Signed repositories are also available for Ubuntu, CentOS 7 and Raspbian (ARMv7) – see below.

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Improved firmware for ESP8266 LED Dimmer

Last year, I built two units of the ESP8266 WiFi LED Dimmer Hackaday project by Tom Clement. Ordered the PCB’s for the project from ALLPCB and unexpectedly received 22 boards. Thats why I started to sell some of them on Tindie! The original project was very minimalistic when it comes to both hard- and software design. […]

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