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MIDI Biodata Sonification Device – Settings menu for the MIDI Sprout

The MIDI Biodata sonification device (also known as MIDI Sprout, by DataGarden) is a great device to make music using plants.

Here I describe how to apply the firmware of the very similar Biodata Sonification Arduino shield to a “classic” MIDI Sprout. This includes adding a button to gain access to a settings menu which allows to adjust MIDI-Channel, LED brightness, note scale and finally the good old threshold.

Sam Cusumano, creator of the MIDI Sprout gave me the idea (or challenge?) to do this:

“And if you REALLY wanna get funky, you can add a button to A1/gnd and use my new codebase which allows users to edit MIDI channel, scale, led  brightness, threshold through a ‘menu system’ using the leds and the knob. check it out on my github https://github.com/electricityforprogress/BiodataSonificationBreadboardKit which is an ‘arduino shield’ but should work with the main biodata board with perhaps a few code tweaks.”


GNU/Linux Pakete für den Infinite Noise TRNG

Der “Infinite Noise TRNG” ist ein Open-Source Random Number Generator (Zufallszahlengenerator). Im offiziellen GitHub repository von Bill Cox (waywardgeek) gibt es eine sehr ausführliche Dokumentation zum Hardware-Design als auch den gesamten Quellcode. (public domain/CC0 Lizenz)

Hier gibts Pakete und signierte Paketquellen sind für Ubuntu/Debian, CentOS 7 und Raspbian (ARMv7) verfügbar – siehe unten.


Improved firmware for ESP8266 LED Dimmer

Last year, I built two units of the ESP8266 WiFi LED Dimmer Hackaday project by Tom Clement. Ordered the PCB’s for the project from ALLPCB and unexpectedly received 22 boards. Thats why I started to sell some of them on Tindie! The original project was very minimalistic when it comes to both hard- and software design. […]