SoloKeys – Solo 2A+ Limited Edition NFC Security Key (Built with Trussed®)


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Introduced during our Kickstarter campaign, we have a small supply of Limited Edition devices remaining.  This will be available until sold out!

Limited Edition Solo 2A+ :  NFC Security Key, Two-Factor Authentication, U2F and FIDO2 – USB-A, Built with Trussed®

  • In limited edition purple boards with Glitter bomb applied to epoxy!
  • Secure your logins with two-factor authentication and stay protected against phishing and other online attacks.
  • Works with Google, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Github, and anything that supports FIDO2 or FIDO U2F.
  • NFC supported
  • Fits USB-A computer ports. Easy start guide at
  • Open source hardware and software. Made and programmed in Europe.
  • Two cases included: Blue and Black
Customers outside of Europe can order devices at

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Regular (Secure Firmware for everyday users), Hacker (for developers and makers)


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